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Jon de Vaal

Jazz Pianist for all Occasions


About Jon de Vaal

A Passionate Performer

It's often said that Jon de Vaal has an ability to transport folks to another time and place with his music.

In 1967, at the young age of seven, Jon started taking piano lessons. The joy and pleasure in making music was immediate - and he was smitten.  When other boys were playing football and baseball, well, Jon was playing the piano.

As a teenager, Jon studied standards and jazz piano under the tutelage of Larry Robarge, who played piano professionally for decades throughout the United States and Cuba. Larry was a fount of knowledge for Jon, and passed along a passion for the Great American Songbook - comprised of the most important and influential American popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century.  Jon went on to get his first professional piano gig in October of 1986 and he never looked back. He's been playing piano professionally for over 30 years.

Jon didn't study at a famous music school, can't name drop about the famous people he's worked with or knows, hasn't received any press accolades of note, and has had no cameo film roles.  However, Jon has spent thousands of hours playing piano at countless bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos and country clubs throughout the Twin Cities and has hundreds of songs in his repertoire. 

Jon recently decided to ditch his social media accounts and use those two + hours every day to play piano, spend meaningful and quality face-to-face time with his loved ones and friends, ride his bike, cook healthy food and take up some exciting new hobbies. All of his gigs will be posted here, and you can reach him by phone or email.




If you want to book Jon de Vaal or the the Jon de Vaal Trio for an event or inquire about fee schedules for gigs and rehearsals, please get in touch and Jon will follow up with you.

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